Thursday, August 14, 2008

Olympic Fever: Croatian Style

Olympic fever has hit the world and over here in Croatia it is no different. It is cool that since here Beijing is only 5 hours away instead of 13 or 14, which is what the time difference in Santa Barbara. Now I know I am in Croatia and all and there are rabid about sports over here, especially their soccer and handball, but so far they have not played any USA hoops games, which bums me out. In the Redeem Team's first game over a 1 billion people tuned in but Croats, and me, were not counted in that tally. Instead they showed the 10 Meter air rifle competition, where a Croat got third. Watching the rifle competition is like watching paint dry, totally gripping TV. But hey, at least Croatia medaled. They show a lot of handball over here as well, and I have to admit that I have actually come to appreciate the sport. No not the handball that we played in grade shool, which by the way Todd Rodgers and I dominated while attending Community Christian School, but the one that is much like soccer but with hands. Speaking of TR, they have also not showed any men's beach v-ball only women, and no Americans. Oh well, what can I expect? I have seen all of Phelps' events and I have to say, so far 6 golds and 6 World Records, he has the be the greatest athlete of our time, just edging out Tiger and Dargs at Ping Pong. Two words Dargs, rematch! Speaking of Phelps, is it just me or doesn't he look a little and talk a lot like Devo? Handsome devil. Since sports betting is legal here I put 10 Kunas, roughly 2 dollars, on the U.S. to have the highest medal count and they are 2nd behind China at the moment, but track and field has not started. I will double my money if I win that bet and will celebrate my victory by buying a couple of boxes of milk, and by milk I mean beer. I have been doing my own Bi-athalon every day with riding my bike and sea swimming, but have to deal with the crazy drivers, mostly Slovenian tourists, and shark infested waters. Of course there are no sharks here, but constantly think about them while in deep water, damn you Spielberg. Off to work, and hopefully to see some Olympics, as Phelps swims today and there are some other big events, but hopefully Croatia isn't in the long distance kayak event. Later All. Go USA, and Hrvatska!

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